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Be Your Best Self

Coaching and Therapy
Mindfulness & Meditation
Manage Stress
Feel Secure in Yourself


Learn Assertiveness
Manage Conflict
Facilitate Behaviour Change
Calm Anxious Patients


Tap Into Motivation
Help Your Team Live Your Values
Improve Teamwork
Up Your Game

Release Your Brakes

At its best, your team is a beautiful engine – each part performs its function to the full and is properly engaged and all the parts interact with each other in the right way

If one of those three things – individual performance, engagement, and teamwork - is off, it's like driving with the brakes on. I help you take off the brakes that hold you, your team or your professional relationships back so you can get the best from yourself and from each other.

Tell me what your frustration is in the contact form below and what you would like instead below and we'll set to it.

  • Getting the Best From You

    Coaching & therapy

  • Developing Teams

    Get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet

  • Therapy
  • Resolving Conflicts
Andrew Cain
Coach, trainer, hypnotherapist, improviser, IT developer, phone answerer. One personal, knowledgeable, friendly point of contact to sort everything.


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