Assertiveness from the Inside Out

This course is not running at the moment.  Email me if you’d like to hear about the next one or ask about working together one to one.

  • Think fair
  • Reduce your fears & build your confidence
  • Step up your assertiveness, boundary setting and negotiation skills

Inside Out Assertiveness – What’s Different?

Most assertiveness courses are “outside in.” They tell you some things to say or do and leave you to get on with it. The result? Very little lasting crossover into your actual life because it doesn’t feel right.

Knowing more doesn’t help you change. Real change starts from the inside by removing the barriers that have kept you stuck so negotiating starts to feel natural and right.

For most people I’ve helped, the barriers come down to

Beliefs around

  • Yourself – your value as a person
  • What’s “good”, putting others first, “turning the other cheek”, sacrifice and so on
  • Conflict and assertiveness
  • Progress, learning and the most useful ways to grow

Fears and discomfort around

  • Conflict
  • Anger – other people’s and your own
  • Rejection

Skills around

  • Standing up for yourself
  • Saying “No”
  • Negotiating
  • Getting taken seriously
  • Being supportive of yourself (yes that’s a skill you can learn!)

If you don’t untangle some of your beliefs and feelings around standing up for yourself and assertiveness, you’ll never do it.

If you have been avoiding dealing with conflicts for much of your life, you haven’t had a lot of chance to practice your skills so of course you feel uneasy. There’s nothing wrong with you. You need to practice.

So that’s what this course is for. We will work through some assertiveness communication skills, but just as importantly, we will also

  • Untangle the thinking that keeps you stuck
  • Help you feel more confident dealing with difficult situation
  • Give you a chance to practice with personal feedback and coaching if you want it

Who’s It For?

  • People say “you’re too nice for your own good”
  • You know should stand up for yourself more and not always jump in to rescue everyone else
  • You want to get better at speaking up, saying no, asking for what you want and not just reacting to everyone else’s agenda all the time
  • You’re open to questioning assumptions, trying on new approaches and practising new skills

What You’ll Get

  • Untangle ‘nice’ thinking so you can get out of your own way
  • Clarify a fair, respectful rights-based approach to assertiveness
  • Identify and start loosening fears around speaking up for yourself
  • Practice centering, embodiment and visualisation skills to feel more confident and get taken more seriously
  • Begin making the changes you want as part of a supportive group with opportunities for feedback, practice and coaching if you want it

Why Me?

Three weeks isn’t long so I’m not promising the earth. But I’m committed to helping you make some real changes in how you think, feel and act.

Here are a few reasons why we could be a good fit:

  • I’ve had to learn it myself.  At school I had two French teachers – one French and one English. The English one was better at teaching French because it hadn’t come to him from birth. He had had to learn it.

The same goes for me. Assertiveness didn’t come naturally to me. I had to learn it. That meant untangling unhelpful thinking, learning to feel calmer, and practising assertiveness skills until they began to feel natural.

I know the path because I’ve walked it myself.

  • I’m good at helping pennies drop – Instead of just learning about something, you can experience some real change.
  • Science based changeKnowing how the brain-body system works means I can help you pull the right levers to make the changes you want.
  • Clients list my top strengths as: Encouraging & supportive, innovative, clear thinking, honest & genuine.

Format – How does it happen?

  • Three live interactive webinars 7pm UK time on Mondays evenings – 10th, 17th, 24th July. Webinars will be between 60 and 90 minutes depending on questions and interaction. Links to recordings delivered within 24 hours after if you can’t make the live sessions. You don’t need any special technology – a laptop, tablet or desktop computer is fine
  • Mini assignments for you to take on between webinars to embed your practice. Nothing too scary and won’t take much time but you’ll get the most by learning to do rather than learning about
  • Ongoing private Facebook group for support, discussion and questions

If you have any questions, just email me at and I’ll get straight back to you.

Content – Deeper Change

Here’s some more detail on what we’ll be doing.

You wouldn’t expect to learn to swim from a book. But most assertiveness courses just tell you what to say and leave you to it.

This is different because we will also deal with some of the inner changes that will allow you to putting ideas into practice. And because we’ll spread the course over three weeks, you’ll have time to practice and build your confidence.

We will cover:

The Inner Game of Assertiveness

  • Untangle ‘must keep things nice’ thinking around assertiveness. Learn the difference between hurting and harming.
  • See how to get out of your own way and your personal ‘levers for change’
  • Embracing your power and freedom – why assertiveness goes deeper than just saying words

Communication Skills

  • How to be clear without getting stuck in blame and judgement
  • How to ask for what you want
  • Criticism, compliments & feedback – giving and receiving positive and negative messages clearly, usefully and without getting defensive

Confidence and Practice

  • Learn and practice centering, embodiment and visualisation skills so you feel calmer and people take you more seriously
  • Feel more comfortable with anger – other people’s and your own
  • Reduce fear of rejection and criticism so you’re more able to speak up
  • Start building a supportive, solution focused attitude to yourself and conflicts

Feedback From a Variety of Clients

“Andrew is a very positive individual and an extremely talented lecturer and speaker. Andrew motivated me to undertake further training and is inspiring I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone thinking of doing some further training.”

Nadim Majid, Director of Lifestyle Dental


“Andrew’s coaching/supervision is excellent. I sought input with a range of complex management and presentational issues. His approach was person-centred, intellectually rigorous and thought-provoking. I was struck by the range of approaches he used and his broad knowledge and I really appreciated his friendly, helpful and focussed work.”

Jim Simpson, Business Development Consultant, Evaluator, Writer


“I would fully endorse and recommend Andy to anyone looking to understand themselves or their business better; he will help make those meaningful changes that can make such a difference to your business and your life.”

Debbie Janson, Director of Operations, Junior Premier League


“Thanks very much, Andrew, I would never have thought a committed smoker like me could give up just like that.”

Norman Cook / Fatboy Slim


“Andy is a smart and very insightful coach. He is caring when he needs to be and tough when he needs to be. In the sessions we have had together, he has helped me to see not only practical solutions to issues of staffing, responsibility and information flow in my business, but also their relationship to my own psychology and emotional responses. Working with him has made the Nursery and me more effective and resilient.”

Jules Munns, Artistic Director of The Nursery


“Working with Andrew allowed me to see where I was getting in my own way and unravelled some of the thought patterns that were leading to certain results.  He set challenges that were pitched at the right level to put me out of my comfort zone without being overwhelming. My career has shifted gear since we worked together and I’m now doing things that I wanted to do before, but felt I couldn’t. Andrew’s coaching has really helped me and I would definitely recommend him to others.”



This course is not running at the moment, if you’d like to hear about the next one or ask about working together one to one, email me at and I’ll get straight back to you.


Refunds & Cancellations – 100% refund if you cancel before 17th July, one week after the course starts.  That way you have chance to see how it’s going for you and you can try it with no risk. If for any reason I need to cancel the course, I will refund your money, obviously.

How many people will be on the course?  This isn’t a standard “information dump” kind of course.  I want to be able to respond to everyone personally during the course.  So I’ve set a maximum number of 15 people so there will certainly be fewer than that.

Do I need to appear on video for webinars?  No you don’t.  I know some people feel uncomfortable about being on screen.  I did!  There might be opportunities to video talk on screen so I can help you with how you say things and so on.  But it’s always optional.  So entirely up to you.

Do I need to join the Facebook group?  You don’t.  Everything is optional (see above).  But we learn best in groups and over time.  The big benefit of working online is that we can have a conversation over time rather it just a one-off classroom style course.  The Facebook group is a good way to do that.  It also means you can chat with the other people doing the course.

Do I need to attend the webinars live?  It’s up to you.  You’re the customer.  But we learn best in conversation not lectures.  Being there live will make it easier to ask questions, get feedback and so on so come if you can.  I will be there early to help make sure you’re OK with the technology (not hard).