Personal Coaching

Coaching - Escaping the Maze

Being in your life is what makes it yours. But is easy to get stuck in your own perspective.

Coaching with me helps you open up new ways of seeing, feeling and acting so you can

  • get clear
  • open up new options for yourself
  • find supportive ways to be on your own side

“Andrew’s coaching/supervision is excellent. I sought input with a range of complex management and presentational issues. His approach was person-centred, intellectually rigorous and thought-provoking. I was struck by the range of approaches he used and his broad knowledge and I really appreciated his friendly, helpful and focussed work.”

Jim Simpson, Business Development Consultant, Evaluator, Writer

A Typical Session

I usually offer coaching sessions over phone or Skype so it is convenient for you.

A call normally starts with clarifying what you would like to achieve in the call so we’re clear what the outcome is. Identifying where we are going clear next steps is a powerful start.

Often clients want to make sure they’ve explored all their options in a situation, they feel stuck or they want a ‘sanity check’ for an idea they have had. I would probably ask you to explain a bit about what’s going on and how it is affecting you.

There’s then usually a period of what I think of as mental yoga. A warm and friendly conversation during which we

  • Explore different perspectives and ways to feel
  • Relax about problems, grudges and difficult feelings
  • Laugh about the ways we trip ourselves up
  • Get clear about what you want to do next

Just as physically relaxing helps you become physically flexible, this calming down is the most creative state to clear your mind and tap into your inner wisdom about what to do.

Once we’ve loosened things up, we need to integrate that into your day-to-day life so I’ll often be helping you identify what you want to remember and what, if any, next steps you want to take.

I then later email you with some notes of things we talked about and what we’ve planned. We would normally be in occasional email contact while you’re putting your new options into practice and see how we go.

Each time we talk aims to help you take a specific step forwards so there’s no set number of sessions. It can be one. It can be regular over a period of time. It can be “as and when.”

If you have a big, overarching goal, we might see about how that’s going.

Outside In and Inside Out

Which is more important – the front wheel of your bicycle or the back? You need both – the back wheel to push you forwards and the front to steer.

Similarly, living our lives requires both the inner clarity to steer well and taking steps in the outer world in harmony with that.

The extremes get us in to trouble.

  • Becoming too inwardly focused can bring peace of mind, but can lead to a feeling unfulfilled and missing out on healthy desires and wants.
  • Becoming too outwardly focused leads to taking lots of action from a needy, stressed or otherwise unskillful state of mind, leading to frustration and disappointment. The frustration just puts you more out of balance and leads to even more fruitless effort. Running ever faster on a hamster wheel does not take you any further forwards.

I help you find an integration – a healthy inner world leading to healthy outward actions.


For all the above, I charge £50 a session, which usually comprises about 45-60 minutes coaching conversation as part of an ongoing email conversation.

Contact me to ask about your situation and we can have a chat and see if it would be right for you. Email or you’re welcome to phone.

If it is right for you

  • We can arrange a time to talk
  • You can pay for a session here
  • I will probably give you something to do to start off with
  • And then we will take it from there

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