Escape the ‘Rescuing’ Drama Triangle

Have you ever been the nicest, most helpful person THEN felt resentful for not being appreciated THEN wanted to give up? If so, you’ve gone round a well known pattern. Some people go round and round it their whole lives.

It’s called the “drama triangle”.  This video will help you

  • Recognise it when it happens (you’ll start to see it everywhere!)
  • See when help can be counterproductive and keep everyone stuck
  • Identify the opposite empowering roles to get from
    • rescuing to coaching
    • persecuting to challenging and
    • feeling like a victim to creating what you want

If you’d like more on this, have a look at my Assertiveness from the Inside Out programme starting on Monday to improve your thinking, courage and assertiveness skills, particularly if they don’t come naturally to you.

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